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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps have become an integral part of every business, from Health Care, Entertainment, Education, Banking to Travel, Communication, Gaming and Social media. The convergence of the smartphone revolution and the commoditization of mobile data present the opportunity of a lifetime for businesses to get directly to the consumer through mobile applications.

At Fable we aim to bring together a world class UI/UX experience built on the latest generation of mobile/web application technologies that allow our customers to deploy fully customizable mobile app solutions and services that facilitate organizations to have a competitive edge in the market.

Our experts will work with you to provide an end-to-end solution and ensure smooth handholding. Fable will transition your business idea from conceptualization into a tangible Mobile App Solution on all the operating systems and platforms (IOS, Windows, Android) in a cost effective manner.

Web Development

Web applications help any organization or business to increase product knowledge, maintain communication with potential clients, helps in generating leads for the business, and increase the reach of your services and product to a larger audience. In this fast paced world, customers look for quick turn arounds

At Fable we provide customized Web Application Development services by addressing the technology challenges to design just the right solution for you.

The success of websites / web projects is largely determined by the smooth work, processing large volume of information on a “touch” and leave an impact of your business and brand on the users. Keeping this in mind our dedicated team at Fable will build and design customized Web Applications that will be result oriented and give your business a competitive edge and yet be cost effective.

We follow Agile methodology for our projects. This makes Fable deliver its projects on time ensuring quality is retained.

Fable takes this into consideration the ever changing technology landscape and the business needs of our customers. Our focus is therefore on streamlining the software development lifecycle in order to mitigate risks at every phase of the development, by using Agile at the core of our development framework.

Web Development

Artificial Intelligence

With lot of research going into Artificial Intelligence, machines are becoming increasingly capable of accomplishing simple and complex tasks.

AI has already made a mark in Health Care, Automotive, Finance and economics, Gaming, Government, Military, Advertising and more.

AI has largely influenced businesses. Organizations are taking steps to use AI and actively implement innovative technologies in their websites using several AI solutions like chat bots, AI powered voice search, etc. Industries across the board have started to look at reaping the benefits of implementing AI driven software.

At Fable, our aim is to leverage our deep and innovative skillsets in general AI and deep learning to offer truly differentiated, highly scalable and reliable mobile and web solutions that allow our customers to adapt and thrive under ever changing market conditions and end user needs.

Our goal is always to ensure that our customers are in a position to offer the best available end user experience to their customers thereby allowing them to unlock true value.

At Fable we committed to creating an innovative technology for applications and website implementation solutions using AI. Implementing AI solutions through innovative solutions will help in understanding the market needs and accelerate the revenue of your Organization

Businesses are using AI techniques to enhance innovative ideas for better customer experience. Fable will give your business the required make over using innovative methods through AI.


End-to-end automation of the software development process has entered mainstream mobile application and web development. Automation reduces the time taken for each task. But turning that free time into time for innovation takes practice.

Innovation is extremely important to any organization in today’s competitive market, it determines the result of any business to a large extent.

Businesses are today, doing away with manual, time-consuming processes and are moving towards automation there by creating innovative processes. Innovative technology or revamping the current technology in new ways can help realize business goals and targets more effectively.

The need of the hour is to have access to the right pool of professionals in the automation space who can deliver the edge that your business is looking for.

Fable is the right choice for automating your business process needs. Through our innovation and techniques Fable will ensure that your organization sees a substantial improvement in your end customer experience and satisfaction, increase in productivity and reduction in cost.


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